What is a Throat job?
Th-ro’d dj’ob. nm.

Deepthroating is defined as a
special form of the art of oral sex., whereby the mans penis is taken as far (at best completely) in the mouth. The accompanying gaging and choaking must be thereby suppressed

Kristy Blue, 20 Yrs

This little secretary is always willing; and has no problems with shortage of breath. Her favorite activity is having two cocks in her mouth at same time!

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The No-Hands Job

Grab her by the head
and ram your cock as
far down her throat as
itīll go. Show no mercy
for choaking or gaging.

When a normal blow job is not enough

Simply drill deeper til you strike oil.Then ram it down her throat
and give her vocal chords a goodīol cock massage

Nose Pinch Job

Ram it in deep of course;
then pinch her nose
closed and watch the
resulting inhalation reflex
or gasping for air really
suck your cock up.

The Rocking Chair

Sit down comfortable,
put the slut on her knees
and tickle her tonsils with
your cock. Then enjoy her
helpless gaze.

Deborah Steel, 19 Yrs

Deborah just graduated High School. Even though sheīs so young, she is already a little latex slut; and she sucks up a dick like Hoover. With this little vixen itīs garanteed that no cock will stay dry.

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The Deep Reverse

Itīs a little like doggy style.
Throat fuck her from
above right to the back of
her head. Itīs hard on the
legs but it allows you to
give really hard thrusts.

Without mercy til the bitter end!

Choaking and gaging is naturally a part of this, and with these hungry sluts
itīs a real turn on

The ToothBrush

The alternative form of
dental hygine. Sure to
put a smile on her face.
This is what we call a
really cheeky fuck.

The Smell My Nads

Press your jewelry right
on her nose while giving
her some deep throat meat.
She'll love it and give you
the hell of a blowjob...

Monica Moore, 26 Yrs

Knows no tabus and is up for anything that's raunchy. When it comes to throat fucking she ahas a small problem with drooling but that's o.k. it makes the cock nice and slippery.

See here the whole video from Monica
Still not convinced?
Hereīs more DeepThroating girls.

Free Tour

Throat Fuck! Gaging allowed!

Itīs at itīs best when you got it so deep that the stomach acid
gently rise up to tickle your cock head...

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All persons depicted herein were over the age of 18 years at the time they were photographed or filmed.

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